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主题: [告诉你一个真美国+英语情景教学] 献给石靖爱好者,所有的在国内的朋友们,和老中!
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作者 [告诉你一个真美国+英语情景教学] 献给石靖爱好者,所有的在国内的朋友们,和老中!   

头衔: 海归少校

头衔: 海归少校
声望: 博导
性别: 性别:男
加入时间: 2007/03/04
文章: 2263
来自: 哲里木盟科尔沁左翼中旗木里图苏木爱搞不搞嘎差
海归分: 25873

文章标题: [告诉你一个真美国+英语情景教学] 献给石靖爱好者,所有的在国内的朋友们,和老中! (1134 reads)      时间: 2007-8-31 周五, 22:56   

作者:科尔沁草原殿下海归酒吧 发贴, 来自【海归网】 http://www.haiguinet.com

仅以此文献给那些认为自己了解外面世界的中国人,尤其是中国男人!This is the world we are facing!

同时告知那些在爱泡老外,认为自己了解世界的女人们一个英文词汇:Yellow Cab......希望你能理解并活学活用它!

同时送给还不了解西方网友是如何看待亚洲男人女人的童鞋们,周末快乐, 做个好梦!

Why asian guys can't get white girls


Comments & Responses:

Asian guys can't get girls cause they smell like shit and have the bodies of 12 year olds. They have ugly box heads and dog meat breat. Don't forget their tiny dicks that aren't bigger than a girls clit. f**K off asians, just leave your women.

Apparitor (3 hours ago)
asian guys can't get white girls cuz we asian guys look like girls and we don't have that "real man" quality. go search cool asian guys and all u see is asian guys with long straight hair and necklace and bracelets.

xeemlauj (5 hours ago)
lets the white boys take our ugly asian girls.. gosh.. lets the ugly asian girls get some chance.. geeze..

xeemlauj (5 hours ago)
it's only chinese, japanese, and korean boys who want white girls.. the majority of asian men usually tend to go for their own kinds... ahah

nitroazn5point0 (5 hours ago)
U aint killing nobody and if u attempt to I'll arrest ur bitch ass.

an asian guy can get a latina o.o true story.

hilarious!! the boater accent is so funny
jsemgel (9 hours ago)
i wonder... a latino guy can get a asian girl? o.o?

PiNAYKiDD (9 hours ago)
Um, does anyone know who sings that song at the end when that asian girl was staring at that african american guy at the end?


kaila2000 (11 hours ago)

yaoi2lover (13 hours ago)

you made my day ^_^ lol

Getlost25 (14 hours ago)
haha nicely done

me4eve (14 hours ago)
wow! it was really funny, i really loved it and how the indian guy gave us a brief,true message bout love hehe xD keep up the good work Razz!

coolfool19 (16 hours ago)
how many times do you see a white gal wit and indian guy! it like one in a million! LMAOOO luved it!

darkstar6969 (16 hours ago)
This video is so typical for FOB's to make. Stick to your own race f**kers

BeckiEnchanted (17 hours ago)
Im white and i have a thing for blond surfer lookin guys AND cute handsome asians!

yaoi2lover (17 hours ago)
I'm black, and I really want an asian boyfriend T_T is there any hope for me? lol ^_^'

LemonAndYoghurt (13 hours ago)
check yer email ^_^

1991722 (17 hours ago)
Haha his Shirt is haliarious XDDDD. Good JOB ON THE

im a chinese chick seeing a white guy and your video is a disgrace on all chinese guys. you make them look even worse. and i rather date a white guy than an asian guy cause asian guys are too EMOtional

ilanimekid (1 year ago)
This video was very tongue-in-cheek which I guess you didn't pick up on. I also found it ironic that someone with the name "omgosh" is complaining about others being emo. Great video guys. Keep it up.

asdf (1 year ago)
stfu bitch you just a f**kin bitch aight go date your one guys if you want. those mother f**kers in the vid are some f**king nerds. im a mother f**king gangster bitch

muatikah (1 year ago)
wow, gangster?..im so scared..ur scare the shit out of me..wow..its like im so scared, that i dont dare to ever offend any one of u..wow..but wth..white sux..white piece of thrash..

xxjanet (1 year ago)
go suck a white dick biyyytch

DAYUMSHAWTii (1 year ago)
WOW ;]]
tha black guy so f*ccin` finee lmfao.
buh overall, good showww ;]

didiee (1 year ago)
love the T-shirt. but all the chics are ugly... sorry bro.

ih3artbeam (1 year ago)
whoo! philip can't get a girl?! what the?!? lol...i loved it!

pretty funny

KlutzeeGirl (1 year ago)
This is the best show I've seen!!! Great Job!!!

man hella sterotype and shit
but whatevers alright video
i can tell it took some time to do

dodaddy (1 year ago)
LOL Loved the video!

HeartandSoul (1 year ago)
I loved it! So funny! And it had a point! ^^ This is my favorite Flash movie!

sillyasiantrixr4kidz (1 year ago)
hahaha you guys are ridiculous> i loved the video it was really funny. My fav part is when you get scared after the roar. I know Wesley!

187AzN (1 year ago)
lol...y'all asian peeps wanna know why the white boys get our girls...it's their c**K sizes man... hahaha...there's a motherf**Kin myth dat says the asian boys c**Ks r small...they not satisfied...BUT i'm an asian guy datin a latino bitch n she aint complainin...

NastyCHULO (1 year ago)
I hope you meant LATINA...

LilAznNicKk (1 year ago)
omgosh stfu your a disgrace to your whole culture

gemini26 (1 year ago)
phillip is so cute, can't get a girl? haha no way

lol, ahha, this is soo funny. and phillip is pretty cute

speeddemon316 (1 year ago)
very nicely done guys
yall guyz are natural born actors....or producers....wateva it is....^^

xXaznang3l4lifeXx (1 year ago)
yellow fever?.....lmfao....*laughs so hard*.....*falls off chair*....lmfao

xXaznang3l4lifeXx (1 year ago)
lmfao.....i should it to otha pplz and they reacted liked me....^^...god this is truely funny

StrawberriesNTofu (1 year ago)
awsome still i think phillip is qter then that white guy. XP

YukikoT (1 year ago)
hahah funny.

jeez, i don`t see why everyone should be making a big fuss out of this. it`s just a clip. o_O

DaBadGuy416 (1 year ago)
Im really starting to think Asians are the most racist people in the world. Basically your implying ok we can't measure up to you as a man but Black men are more alpha males then you so lol. So as long as some other race is better then white men thats acceptable even if it isn't Asian. I just got the feeling watching that was, Hey we may not measure up to whites as a Man but look on the bright side Blacks are better then whites.

xxjanet (1 year ago)
f**k you dumb ass bitch

HMOOBMAN (1 year ago)

ZaoDeMong (1 year ago)
you know, if you are an Asian, you're calling her the "banana hoe" and are overlooking the fact that some Asians' names could very well be Ho, or Hoe, like Justin Lee Hoes, some guy at my school. I won't forget to mention my buddy, Adam Ho. So quit being crooked k?

作者:科尔沁草原殿下海归酒吧 发贴, 来自【海归网】 http://www.haiguinet.com

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